About Us

Thanks for visiting our store! It is an adventure run by my sister Luci and I (Jenni). I live in Richland, Washington and I have a little boy named Marty and a little diva named Choe-Belle. I have a BA in Music. I am married to my sweetheart and ultimate support, Brandon, who will soon be entering medical school. Luci also has two smashingly cute children named Izobel and William and is studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor. She and her wonderful husband Davis live in Buhl, Idaho. Luci is my sister and best friend. We are twins, but a rather unusual pair as I was born 18 months before her. We are two halves of one brain. Luci is logical, analytical, driven and down-to-earth, and I am creative, artistic and a complete flibbertigibbet. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with! Luci runs the business side of things, and I am the designer. We BOTH spend all day every day curled in an embarrassing mountain of yarn, whipping out dozens of hats. You should see that states of our homes during the Halloween rush. No. Never mind. You shouldn't. It looks like a tornado went through a yarn warehouse. We enjoy crocheting and have been doing it since we were little girls. We were taught by our Grandma Patty and Nana Janice. Luci and I crochet out of our heads; we have never used patterns. No need for them. :)

We began this exciting and BUSY journey just over two years ago. Luci was working as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic, and I was a caregiver in an assisted living home. We both loved our jobs because we love to work, but there was something we loved and wanted even more. We wanted desperately to be stay-at-home Moms. Our kids are our #1 priority. Simply quitting our jobs wasn't an option. Our husbands were in school, and could only work part time. An epiphany struck like lightening one day as Luci and I were sitting together on the couch pondering the universe. I was crocheting something ridiculous. Luci picked it up and pronounced, 'Jenni...you are going to make me rich.' And with that, our Etsy shop began. It started out with a handful of of boring headbands, dim greyish photography, and the winning name 'Crocheted Cuddles'. Yes. I am still embarrassed. Despite our misguided direction, we pressed forward. Our shop grew and grew from there, until we made our real breakthrough--the doll wigs. Luci and I have always loved yarn wigs. When Luci and I were little girls we played with yarn Raggedy Ann wigs our Grandma made. The first doll hat I made was actually a joke on my husband. My daughter Chloe is as bald as a peach, and one day I made a full, silly blonde doll hat for her. When Brandon came home and found that his 6-month-old daughter had randomly sprouted an enormous mop of yarn hair he nearly died laughing. I put it in the shop a little hesitantly. Previously I had tried to design things that were really trendy or stylish. As soon as the wig hit Etsy we had an explosion of sales. I realized that my strength as an artist was in my sense of humor, NOT my sense of fashion. I had to be true to myself and design things that would make people laugh. Fashion trends don't really make people happy. They make people blend in. Now, I design hats that are happy, imaginative, colorful, weird and completely out of the box. Business has been booming ever since.

Because of you, our wonderful customers, Luci and I are with our kids where we belong, happily supporting our little families from the comfort and chaos of our own homes.