Beanie Braids - Elsa Hat
Beanie Braids - Elsa Hat
Beanie Braids - Elsa Hat
Beanie Braids - Elsa Hat
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Beanie Braids - Elsa Hat

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Queen Elsa Inspired Winter Beanie

• Yarn is securely woven into a snug fitting beanie
• Warm and comfortable
• Durable-no matter how hard baby pulls, the hair won’t come out!
• Doubles as a costume piece or a winter beanie

WARNING: This product has a bizarre effect on little girls. When we tested this hat on my 2-year-old, she got a big smile on her face, flung out her arms and ran around the living room at a dizzying speed screeching "LET IT GOOOOOO LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" until she wore herself out and passed out on the couch. If you want your home to be peaceful and quiet, this is not the hat for you. :)

This beautiful handmade hat is made with a variety of high quality specialty yarns. The design was inspired by Queen Elsa from 'Frozen'. The beanie is a made of a rich vibrant blue, a stripe of sparkly grey, and a stripe of sparkly dark blue. An intricate handmade snowflake is added to the beanie. The white braid is securely woven into the beanie and won't pull out. We don't charge for color changes, so if you need us to tweak to colors to match the costume just message us.

Please measure your baby's head! :) Here is our sizing chart:

0-3 months- 15" circumference
3-6 months- 16" circumference
6-12 months- 17" circumference
12-24 months- 18" circumference
2T - 19" circumference
Child 3-8 Years - 20 " circumference
Teen/Adult - 21" Circumference
Large Adult - 22" Circumferece
XL Adult - 23" circumference

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